Summer Showers

So, today our fleeting Irish summer seemed to yet again disappear (quelle surprise) and fashionistas the country over despaired as to what sartorial selections would best complement the murky mundane weather.

Well, I’m a firm believer that without that rain, we won’t see any rainbows, so I chose to look on the bright side and inject some chic-y colour into my look.

When wearing such a crazy tee as this sassy tropical number from Zara (which should now be a steal in the sale!) I always (try) to keep the rest of my ensemble fairly subdued. Thus, I teamed my ever faithful black Zara blazer with these classic grey jeans from Benetton. Of course, I do enjoy having fun with my accessories, so I jazzed up these basics with a tomato red pocketsquare, monochrome feather lapel pin, and leopard print socks (as you do sure!)

I finished my look with these divine Aldo monk straps with studded detail. I must confess that a rather eventful night out left me minus one stud a few months back, and I’ve mourned it ever since… Alas, they still give the desired effect!





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