First COS-fession

I have a confession to make. Or rather, a COS-fession. Up until recently I failed to ever really entertain COS (not for any reason in particular) but that changed when the new store opened in Dublin.

As anyone who knows me will verify, I am a BIG fan of colour and print, and nothing appeals to me more than looking like a walking talking rainbow. But, even I like to reign it back sometimes, and opt for something chic and simple- that still packs a fashion punch.

With this aesthetic in mind, it came as no surprise that I fell I love with this block panel sweater from COS. The clean lines and varying textures means that while it’s colours may appear muted, the overall effect is anything but. It’s garnered nothing but compliments since its first outing, and looks worth far more than the €60 price tag!


When wearing a sweater, be it crew neck or v-neck, I always have to have a collar underneath. Perhaps it’s my inner ‘prep’ trying to escape, but I’m forever buttoning up collars. I feel it just completes a look! Of course, with such a formal feel up top, I thought it only right to have a little fun down below. Hehe.

These Zara shorts are actually jeans that suffered at the hands of my fabric scissors. I’m all for a little customising, and these bad-boys allowed me to fulfil my Project Runway aspirations to fabulous effect! The trainers are from River Island, and are an absolute steal at €40. They still have them in stock, and are a far more cost-effective way of indulging in the latest trainers craze!


I of COURSE had to inject a some colour into my otherwise Ecclesiastical ensemble, and thus matched this blue River Island satchel to my House of Holland socks. Smurf blue has never been so chic!




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