Pride Party!

Every year for Pride, I try to emulate a mix of carefree fashion with a cheeky edge. The whole point is of course to look like you somehow managed to emerge looking effortlessly fabulous with very little thought (eventhough most gays and gals probably took weeks to plan their looks!). So, for 2014 I opted for a laid back look of a tee, trainers and leather pants. Simple but effective!


My tee shirt was a statement jersey style from Topman. It’s religious print offered a quirky juxtaposition to the Church’s often unfavourable approach to Pride, while its mesh front provided some much needed ventilation on a hot June day!

I jazzed up the look with my faithful denim gilet. Originally a denim jacket from Primark (which I picked up on the fashion chain of life in Oxfam), I decided to remove the sleeves and add some studs to the shoulders for a punky edge. It’s ideal for summer when a jacket is too much, but works just as well in winter when layered over a flannel shirt or a biker jacket!


The leather pants were originally bought purely for costume purposes but have somehow filtered their way into my wardrobe! They’re an amazing fit, and are currently on sale in Topman. I’d highly recommend checking them out- they’re daring, surprisingly comfortable, and offer a far more exciting alternative to skinny jeans!

Finally, my inner magpie couldn’t hit the streets loud and proud without a little bling, so I chose this leopard print watch from an accessory brand called Golddigga. Their watches are far from high fashion, but look amazing on and allow gals to inject some sass into a look for a measly €10. (Yes, €10!)


Pride was, indeed, a very proud event. The gals and I had a fabulous day, and are already getting our ensembles ready for next year!




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