Sports-luxe (sans le sport)

Like all fashion savvy gals, I’ve been trawling the sales in Dublin at any given chance, searching for those sartorial selections that I simply CANNOT live without (I survived perfectly fine at full price, of course!). As usual, the Zara sale has failed to disappoint, and I picked up quite a few fabulous bits- statement tees, shorts etc. But my favourite piece has to be this sweater- a steal at €19.95!


I’m a sucker for a statement sweater, and this cotton and faux leather panel number is simply sublime. It offers some serious sports luxe vibes (without a World Cup Match in sight), and allows me to at least LOOK like I frequent a gym at SOME point in my sale-splurging day.


I completed my sports (free) chic aesthetic with these deliciously trashy trainers from River Island. Since they sold out a few months back, I’ve been lusting after these leopard print lovelies, and I was delighted when they came back into stock. They look worth far more than their €33 price tag, and offer a sassy spin to any look. Besides- with ALL that sale shopping to do, you need something to help you sprint from store to store!




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