Pink Palette

Pink has long been a favourite colour of mine- it’s fun, sassy and doesn’t take itself too seriously (a bit like yours truly!). I adore the vast array of shades that are available in this heavenly hue, and am delighted that more men are beginning to incorporate it into their sartorial selections. With this in mind, I decided to have a little fun with my inner Ken (or Barbie, hehe) today, and pull together an ensemble of dapper dusky pinks and lavender. It was almost good enough to eat!


These pants have been on my lust-list for quite some time, so I was thrilled to pick them up on sale last week in Benetton for the debit delighting price of €19.95! The sweater is also from Benetton, and it’s heather shade complements the slacks and River Island berry blazer quite handsomely.


With such a fun colour, I of COURSE had to add some cheeky accessories, so I opted for this skinny floral tie from Topman and flamingo-print pocketsquare from the now closed Tie Rack (I mourn its demise daily!). I love me a good lapel pin, and decided to get thrifty by adding this cluster of pearls from my Mother’s jewellery box- earrings are a very cost effective way of keeping up with the Jones’!



Finally, I opted for a plum sock with my trusty Zara brogues- the colours are delicious together.


So, gentlemen- what are you waiting for? Think pink!


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