Smart Safari

I’ve always loved the thrill of thrift-shopping. The buzz of unearthing a bargain is possible in any high street store, but nothing quite ruffles my fashion feathers more than a second-hand sartorial find. Having worked in Oxfam for seven years, I’m fully aware of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of all charity shops. There’s steaming, sorting through often undesirable bags of unwanted items, and a general commitment to making as much money as possible for whatever the respective cause at hand may be. It’s for that reason that I wear this Alexander McQueen blazer with such pride. I picked it up 3 years ago in my local Oxfam, and apart from the slight watermark on the left cuff, it’s effectively flawless!


The feint green pinstripe that runs throughout the blazer inspired me to work a sort of ‘safari-chic’ look today. I opted for these khaki pants from Benetton and a chic breton stripe H&M tee in a corresponding shade, which I feel both complement the grey tones of the jacket without overwhelming it.

Given that I derived my safari theme from the animal-like warfare that can often erupt when trying to bag an elusive bargain, I chose to accessorise with some quirky animal inspired accessories. This camo print pocket square and stag’s head lapel pin blend seamlessly with the earthy tones of the blazer, while my tan ALDO brogues liaise quite nicely with the warm mustard hue of my River Island satchel.




Finally, I added some fashion ferocity with these fun leopard print socks.


Cheetah-chic accomplished!


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