Sale Trail!

As a self-proclaimed savvy shopper, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve been having quite a rousing run of the summer sales this season. Zara, COS and Topman have all proven plentiful in their reductions, but none has seen me reach for my bewildered bank card more than River Island. I’ve picked up everything from lapel pins to shoes, but the proverbial pièce de résistance of my rail rummages has got to be this luscious leopard print bomber- an unbelievable find at just €30 down from €75- bargain!


Light enough for those chillier summer days, but with ample heat to survive tricky transitional seasons, I know that this is one sale purchase I definitely will not regret when my bulging bank statement arrives! I decided to keep the rest of my look quite minimal in colour for the first outing of my new favourite jacket du jour, but still maintain a chic-y aesthetic by adding some fun textures and accessories.


The classic petal collar shirt adds formality to an otherwise laid-back look, while the pleather Zara pants with biker-ribbed and zipped knees offer edge to the ensemble.



Accessories are of course what maketh the man, and I couldn’t resist picking up this ghetto-glam gold bracelet (just €3!) from River Island to make my watch WERK even harder! I continued my animal print aesthetic by adding some corresponding zebra print socks to my purple and green tinged trainers- the same colours as my bargain bomber!



Et voila! Luxe leopard for an absolute steal. How could a ghetto-gal resist?!


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