Men’s accessories have always fascinated me. With the subtle selection of a preppy pocket square or lapel pin, an entire ensemble can be totally transformed, bringing your look from dull to dapper in an instant. But there’s one accessory in particular that never ceases to satisfy my aesthetic appetite – the bow tie.

I’ve built up quite the extensive range of bow ties in my time, and am always on the look out for new neck pieces to add to my expanding collection. While the high street offers a fabulous range of reasonably priced bow ties to tantalise every taste, one should always look further afield for more original options. This proved rather true in my case, when the very kind people at sent me a box of bow ties like no other! All 100% silk, and with the option of pre-tied or loose, offers a host of heavenly handmade pieces, all reasonably priced and delivered straight to your door.

I had a fabulous time styling up my gifts, and chose elements of texture and colour from each piece to find complimentary blazers, lapel pins and pocketsquares to make each bow tie uniquely chic.








So, there you have it gentlemen. For deliciously dapper bow ties, look no further than Be stylishly sleek, in just one click!



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