Sunday Styling

Sunday may be a day of rest, but as Britney so eloquently echoed in the past, sometimes you’ve just gotta ‘WORK B***H!’. This was certainly the case for me yesterday! Recently a friend of mine put me in touch with a fabulous photographer, Louise Slevin, who asked me to style a Chanel meets ‘The Wild West’ themed shoot. While I love presenting and writing, I’ve always had an interest in styling too, so decided to accept the challenge!


I was delighted with how the looks came out, and will give a full breakdown of each one when the final images are released! In the meantime, here’s some sneaky behind the scenes shots. As you can see, I stuck to a minimal colour palette in keeping with Chanel’s iconic monochrome aesthetic, and added some cheeky accessories to offer that Western feel!



As I knew I’d be on my tired little fashion feet all day, I decided to opt for a comfortable but quirky look. This River Island comic print tee was a fab find last year, and fuels my Lichtenstein obsession even more. The perpex framed sunglasses were a total steal from George’s Street Arcade in Dublin at just €10, and the mirrored frame is perfect for anonymous people watching! I finished my ensemble with these bright trainers and jeans to perk up my Pop-Art look.




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