Paisley Persuasion

Paisley has long been a preferred print of mine. It adds a mature edge to any menswear look, and, for me, exudes class and confidence when worn correctly. Be it in a subtle pocketsquare or a quirky cravat, I always take any given opportunity to work it into a look!

This H&M shirt, whilst sporting an exceptionally oversized paisley print, is actually quite simple in its aesthetic. Given that the colours used are considerably muted, it’s the perfect way for any man to have some fashionable fun with the iconic print, without completely overpowering him.


I usually wear this particular piece with simple black jeans and white patent brogues, but on this particular occasion I was going to a casting, and it’s always been my motto to dress to impress!



I chose the rather dapper dynamic of this pastel blazer and chino ensemble from Benetton, to allow the shirt do the talking. I opted for a white bow tie to accentuate the colour blocking of my button up, and tied the look together with this fabulous flamingo pocket square and dusky pink pearl lapel pin (actually my sister’s earring!)



Suffice to say, my ensemble attracted a few well-received compliments, and I fully intend to continue as a practitioner of paisley in the future!



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