Penneys Best!

Tell me guys and gals- who doesn’t love a bargain from good aul’ Penneys? Many’s a day has been wiled away amidst the rails of our favourite bargain bearing store, with quite the fashion finds to behold. However, while ladies fashion in the high street chain has always been firmly on the pulse of every trend, menswear has often been a little more mundane. Luckily, in recent seasons, Penneys has really pulled it out of the bag, so to speak, and has begun to produce some truly fabulous gems for us gentlemen!

This classic pinstripe short sleeves shirt, at just €11, was quite the find on a recent jaunt to Penneys. It’s wooden effect buttons and wide stripes make the piece look worth far more than its pretty price tag, leaving some spare change to jazz up the rest of your ensemble!



I quite enjoy the preppiness of this particular shirt, so decided to keep the rest of my look quite simple to stay true to its aesthetic intentions. Classic black skinnies and my trusty denim jacket are the perfect way to add some casual chic, while still letting the shirt shine through.


The wooden frame sunglasses compliment the shirt’s buttons in a smart but subtle way, while my ever faithful Zara brogues lifted the lower half of my look, keeping the overall ensemble fresh and fabulous! (Not forgetting these cheeky striped socks!)


So there we have it gentlemen, Penneys preppiness without stretching the purse strings!



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