I’ve never been a gal who can pride themselves on fitness. While many’s a man enjoys pumping weight in the gym or parading their pert posteriors for all the world to see, I much prefer employing an exercise régime of using skinny-cappuccinos to quench my thirst mid-sale splurge. However, as a fashion-savvy fellow, I will embrace ‘fitness’ if it involves being fabulous.

The sports luxe trend is something which has stayed steadily present in menswear for quite some time now, and I’ve always been a fan of its juxtaposition of traditional ‘sportswear’ items with high fashion textures and silhouettes. Thus, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the introduction of ‘joggers’ to the everyday world of men’s fashion.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a ‘jogger’ pant is, essentially, the skinny jeans version of sweatpants. Now, I MUST stress that a jogger and a sweatpant is an ENTIRELY different entity. After all, I simply could not bring myself to cross Le Lagerfeld himself:


Last week, I took the fashion plunge (albeit a little late, for fear of going against the words of King Karl) and ventured out in my first pair of joggers. As someone who prides themselves on maintaining a daily dapper look, I decided to give them a sharper edge by pairing with them with some more traditional menswear items.


The pants are currently on sale in Benetton, and are at an ideal price of €20, for those who don’t want to fully invest in this treadmill trend! With such a casual item being the basis of my ensemble, I had a lot of fun in choosing quirky pieces to jazz up my joggers!



The trainers, from River Island, are a fun way to embrace some casual chic while on the go, while the H&M shirt and overcoat offer a much needed juxtaposition to an otherwise agile aesthetic, making my look more gentry than gym bunny!




So there we have it guys, the lazy way to achieve some faux-fit fashion! After all, how often is it that we can look classy AND comfortable in the one go, eh? Now, where’s my skinny-capp…


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