Denim Distress

I’m sure were the average male to evaluate his wardrobe, he would probably see that in his lifetime, he will have acquired QUITE the number of jeans. This is certainly the case in my closet. I have every colour and fit of denim imaginable, from pink to pastel, skinny stretch to spray on skinny, but the style that always seems to rear its varicose vein inducing head is the classic black skinny jean.

Having racked up a considerable collection in my years, I decided to try recycling a pair into a fun and frivolous fashion trend- ripped jeans. Ripped skinny jeans may immediately evoke images of indie band lead singers in trilbies and navel grazing shirts, but when styled correctly, can act as a fresh feature to many an ensemble.

The actual distressing of denim is rather straight forward. I simply took my trusty fabric scissors and made horizontal incisions in the desired areas of my denim- usually the knees and lower thigh- and used the open scissors to fray the edges of said incisions. For a stronger effect, don’t be afraid to use a cheese grater or sand paper on any area on which you want to attain that lived in look!

With my fabulously torn apart Topman
jeans in tow, I decided to play up on the harshness of the denim to create a strong but subtly chic aesthetic. This tee from H&M was a bargain at €12.99, and looked electric (every pun intended) under my trusty River Island biker!


Given the relaxed vibes of my tee and jeans, I added some high fashion finishes with my favourite clutch and studded Aldo monk strap shoes. My River Island sunglasses are still going strong, and they, along with these sassy Zebra print socks from Tk Maxx, completed my multi-textured monochrome look to perfection.



So guys, get that scissors out and fray your way to a fabulous new look!



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