Printed Pair

While sporting a printed two piece ensemble has long been a firm fashion favourite of female fashionistas the world over, such an aesthetic isn’t so common for the average Irish male. I have always adored prints, and have long sought after a cost effective way of emulating the dual printed prowess of designers such as Bottega Vonetta and Issey Miyake. Luckily for me, H&M thankfully produced this divine oversized paisley print shirt and shorts for their SS collection, and while I have featured the shirt on the blog before, I was waiting for the right time to crack out my homage to Cher from Clueless– well, no time like the present!


I wore the outfit on a cheeky gal trip to Galway this week, and suffice to say it garnered a few disappointing looks from certain bewildered passers by (for whom stone wash denims and deck shoes are apparently en vogue). Of course, haters gonna hate, and I gleefully werked my way around Galway with my accessories in tow. The tuxedo jacket was a fun way to dress up the casual feel created by the shorts, and I of course added a corresponding navy pocket square!


Maintaining my blue hue, I luckily had a shade of sock that matched my satchel perfectly (shouldn’t every gal?), and finished off the look with classic black shades and my trusty studded monk straps.




So guys, will you be perfecting the printed two piece anytime soon? While I chose quite a strong styling aesthetic for this particular pair, they would have worked just as well dressed down with a biker or navy crew neck cotton sweater- still maintaining that preppy two piece style but with an added air of accessibility!


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