Sassy Sorbet!

Sorbet shades are a quintessentially chic-y choice for the summer season, and I, like many men, have always championed pieces that look good enough to eat. However, with autumnal chills slowly creeping in, a short sleeved lemon shirt with pink pinstripe shorts isn’t the most weather friendly of ensembles! But, fear not gentlemen, it is still possible to capture the essence of a casual summer look without compromising your cosines!

A simple aesthetic consisting of heavier cotton pieces in zesty shades is the perfect way to cling onto what’s left of our Irish summer, and is a sure fire way to keep those imminent winter blues at bay (for a short while anyway!)


This Reiss lemon lovely was a steal at €30 from Kildare Village, and the €80 reduction made it all the more sweet! My white H&M chinos have slowly become a wardrobe staple, and are the perfect way to keep a transitional look fun and fresh.



Given the carefree vibes of this light look, I kept my accessories upbeat. This sassy watch added some tongue in cheek bling, while the white details of these brogues and my sunshine yellow socks kept my ensemble fresh from head to toe!



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