Tartan Time

With that oh so familiar Autumnal chill slowly creeping in, many’s a gentleman can have difficulty in mastering that tricky task of transitional dressing. Some bear the brunt of that nipple numbing breeze with admirable audacity, while others find themselves clenching at the collar of their coats. I have a far more fabulous solution however, in the form of a well cut wool blend blazer.

This hard working item is the perfect partner for your autumnal aesthetic, and looks deliciously dapper when thrown on over a simple shirt and chino combo, or a more relaxed look of a block colour tee and jeans.

For this particular occasion, I opted for this navy and grey hued tartan blazer from Benetton.


Given that there are still some remnants of summer in the air, I chose to lift this winter wool blazer with the addition of these pop blue skinny jeans and bursts of bold red. The red and navy houndstooth bow tie (from bowtieclub.com) was complemented perfectly by my River Island lapel pin and pocket square, while my red socks carried the theme through to the tip of my G-Star brogue clad toes!




I must give a special mention to the watch I used for this look. It was an absolute steal at just €10 from my local St. Vincent de Paul shop, and it's chunky masculine edge offered a nice juxtaposition to the frivolous fun of my other accessories!


So gentlemen, autumn needn’t be such an arduous task. With a statement blazer and some light hearted pieces, you too can keep warm without fully committing to your winter wardrobe (yet!).


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