The Mac is Back!

The elusive Mac has long been a firm favourite amongst fashion savvy fellows, and I’ve built up quite the collection in my time! While darker shades are perhaps more versatile, nothing packs a fashion punch more than a classic neutral style. The perfect transitional piece, macs offer a limitless amount of options to your wardrobe, and given its classic sartorial status in the fashion world, it has become an acceptable icon of outerwear for all seasons.

While Burberry is probably the most recognised mac maker, luckily for us thrifty guys and gals, the high street has had years of practice in emulating the designs of such famous fashion houses, and has a plethora of perfectly formed overcoats on offer for our preppy pleasure. This mac from River Island is my go-to item for Autumn and Spring, but works fabulously over a chunky turtleneck in winter, or a crisp white linen shirt in summer.


Today I worked my favourite colour palette of Autumnal shades for a cheeky coffee with the gals. The burgundy Topman jeans brought out the rich fawn colour of the mac, while the diamond print on this H&M button down offered a luxurious feel to the ensemble. Bottle green works fabulously on chillier days!




My Benetton lace ups are usually a summer shoe, but their suede tips are perfect for any autumnal aesthetic, while my tan woven belt offered a subtle nod to my fall footwear! Finally, the mustard frame on the amazing H&M sunglasses are the perfect complement to my cosy palette.




So gentlemen (and ladies!), if you’ve yet to venture into the wonderful word of macs, get thee to your favourite store fast- the mac is back!

(P.S.- I had to include this cheeky picture of my mum- I think you’ll agree she looks fabulous in her fall fashion!)



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