Busy Blazer

While a well tailored suit is of course a working wardrobe staple for any man, one can often become stuck in a style rut with how to wear it outside its originally intended fashion functionality. Said suit may be the perfect employee ensemble, but what happens when one leaves the office?

Be it for some casual drinks or a sassy date, many men often have a dual purpose to their day, and need a simple way to fast track their work attire into a fashionable aesthetic. With this in mind, I decided to give this navy Zara blazer (one half of a sleek suit) a new purpose, by adding some fun and fresh pieces that show any man can continue to ‘werk’ even after he clocks out.


Given that such a suit would usually be accompanied by a block coloured shirt in white or pale blue, I opted for this polka dot shirt from River Island to add a fun juxtaposition to the formality of the blazer. I subsequently played on the colours in the shirt by adding this crisp white bow tie, further reinforcing the ‘smart casual’ vibes of my evening ensemble.


To save time, this blazer (as is often the case with suits from the high street) has a built in pocket square in a contrasting blue, which allowed even more time for dapper details. This lapel pin is actually a vintage brooch of my mother’s and its delicate pearl detail and round shape complimented the polka dots to perfection.



Finally, I swapped my navy slacks for these super skinny blue jeans, and completed the look with my white toned brogues and polka dot socks. Et voila! Some subtle adjustments to make your workwear work even harder- now, who’s for a cocktail?



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