Midweek Blues

It may only be Wednesday, but what better way to beat those midweek ‘blues’ than dressing head to toe in a heavenly hue? As this blog will confirm, I’ve long been a fan of blue, and love nothing more than combining all of its glorious shades into one chic look- today being a perfect example.

As I was filming for Shemazing TV’s weekly show ‘Style Trial’, I of course went for a deliciously dapper look- one cannot offer fashion critique looking like an old hag!



The texture on this cotton Benetton blazer is perfect for Autumn- it looks richer than a lightweight linen jacket, but is still breathable enough for a tricky transitional day such as today. I added this Tiffany blue fine knit, also from Benetton, to offer a casual touch to the look, and chose a short sleeve button down shirt to reduce the bulk under my blazer!


The real statement piece are of course these printed pants. While they may scream garish golfer to some, I feel the demure details that punctuate the rest of my ensemble allow the slacks to blend seamlessly into the look. I continued my cool blue theme with the addition of these socks- they matched my sweater to perfection.



Given the printed power of my pants, I kept my accessories minimal, opting for a simple white silk pocket square and denim bow tie. However, I couldn’t resist blinging up the blue, and added this sassy diamanté watch!


So guys and gals, will you be venturing into the blue anytime soon?

P.S. Here’s a sneaky behind the scenes shot of this week’s ‘Style Trial’- aren’t these gals just fabulous? I’ll be sure to share a link later to the show!



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