Sashay, Crochet!

For a casual weekend ensemble, there’s nothing quite as simple as the classic carefree look of a sweater, chinos and a crisp shirt. Of course, when you fancy adding a fashion-savvy flair, the best way to jazz
up this winning wardrobe formula is to merely manipulate your basic elements. In this instance, I chose to swap my usually fitted cotton sweater for a comfortably oversized crochet knit.


While crochet may usually be saved for ladieswear, it can actually be a much welcome addition to any mundane menswear closet. The transparency of a crochet knit offers the option of adding a complimentary coloured shirt underneath, while it’s ribbed fabric can act as a cheeky contrast to the muted texture of jeans and chinos.

I lifted the blue hue of this Benetton knit with the addition of a mint collared shirt and white chinos. While the palette may scream Summer, the cosy, oversized look of the sweater helped this laid back look filter seamlessy into Fall.



I added some fabulous finishing touches by opting for this soft sheen bow tie, and let my feet do the taking with these cheeky mint socks!



While this blue knit may not work with later Autumnal ensembles- this was probably the last outing for my white chinos!- keep your eyes peeled in the shops for similar styles in colours such as mustard and burgundy- they usually pop up at this transitional time of year!


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