Working Waistcoat

There really is nothing quite like the excitement derived from finally acquiring an item that, since you first lay eyes upon it, you know you simply cannot live without. Of course, while my bank balance could have done without parting with the €69.95 price tag of this wool Benetton waistcoat, my wardrobe certainly begs to differ.

A waistcoat is something I never really considered before when contemplating my capsule closet. I undoubtedly relish in all things deliciously dapper- from blazers to brogues and everything in between- however a gentleman’s gilet had never crossed my radar. Yet, upon closer consideration, a waistcoat really is an everyman essential. Most come with a cheeky breast pocket, thus offering a multitude of pocket square possibilities, not to mention the opportunity to show off some fabulously printed shirts from an angle other than an exposed collar.


Given that I was filming for ‘Shemazing TV’ for this waistcoat’s first outing, I decided to add some fabulously fancy accessories, and really play up the formality of such a piece. This red pocket square and lapel pin combo were a steal from River Island last summer, while this tartan tie (from the unfortunately now defunct Tie Rack) offered as a fun texture clash against the flecked wool of the waistcoat.


These indigo jeans were just the right shade to offer a subtle contrast to the blue hue of the top half of my look, while the black button detail on my white shirt added some sass to the ensemble. I opted for my trusty River Island brogues (complete with pop red sock!) to tie the look together, and added a final air of affluence with this borrowed leather briefcase- unbeknownst to my sister!



So gentlemen, will you be wading into waistcoat territory? I’d highly recommend it!



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