Lush Leopard

Leopard print has forever punctuated my wardrobe. Be it in a tie, pocket square or shoe, I’ve always had a soft spot for the unapologetic print, and aim to incorporate into a look at least once a week- fashion is meant to be fun, after all!

Of course, the very thought of sporting a spotty sartorial selection on a regular basis probably sends men running for the nearest chinos and brogues they can find. But gentlemen, fear not. Leopard print needn’t be the focal point of an ensemble, and often works better when filtered into a look in a subtle but sassy manner. Why not choose a leopard sock with your favourite black skinny jeans and brogues? Or update your dapper details with a pocket sqaure in the pop-print? Or, failing that, opt for a simple exposed leopard print collar under your favourite fine knit sweater- the possibilities are endless.


For today’s taping of ‘Style Trial’, however, I negated any form of aforementioned subtlety, and went hell for leather (literally) with some lush leopard print. This shirt from Topman was a prized purchase two years ago, and has filtered its way into many of my dressier evening ensembles. The blazer, a vintage find from a London market, packs a powerful punch on camera, with its metallic sheen and double breasted detail offering a fun alternative to the modern slim fit suit jacket.


With such a strong look up top, I kept things slightly more demure down below- if you can consider faux leather pants to be demure! What I like about these Topman trews (still in stock) is the sleek look they provide- ideal to contrast the bulk created when opening a double breasted blazer.


These shoes were a steal from my local Vincent de Paul store at just €5, while my leopard socks added a cheeky finish. I kept my accessories ghetto-fabulous with this black patent power clutch and gold arm bling; this watch was €10 from Argos- bargain!


Up top, I chose this tiger brooch (from its namesake TIGER for just €3) and a classic cotton bow tie in black with a corresponding pocket square.


So guys, will you be leaping into leopard? The print may traditionally be reserved for just the ladies, but as a man who’s never been afraid of a challenge, I urge the males of this world to inject some safari sass into their wardrobe- why the heck not.



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