Highland (Fashion) Heaven

Following the demise of that fleeting September sunshine, and with Autumn well and truly upon us, I decided to welcome October this week with a classic AW pattern that has stood the test of sartorial time- tartan. Now, while some men may immediately think that my chosen means of tartan translation- trousers- may indicate a personal desire to don a set of bagpipes and dive into some haggis, I must point out that I am merely taking my inspiration from some current fabulous fall fashion- indeed gentlemen, there’s a highland fling on the high street!


Tartan is traditionally found in rich red and grey prints, yet this colour combination can often appear a little daunting for some men. I for one would love to pick up some pants in this particular palette (as seen in Hackett!), but for my most recent autumnal ensemble, I decided to pay tribute to my native Emerald Isle with these deliciously dapper navy and bottle green tartan trews from Topman.


I chose the look for this week’s taping of ‘Style Trial’, as I wanted to emulate a classic composition of tartan and tweed- a combination that will undoubtedly still be en vogue for many generations to come. This blazer, also from Topman, has a very subtle patten punctuating through its tweed texture, which offers a jaunty juxtaposition to the lower half of my look.


I chose this crisp white shirt with black button detail to add a dressy demeanour to my heritage heavy outfit, while the studded monk strap shoes asserted some serious sartorial authority with every stomp I took. I had some tongue in cheek fun with my accessories, opting for a matching bow tie and pocketsquare combo in a contrasting print to my preppy pants, and finished the look with this custom ‘J’ tie pin (worn on the lapel) that was given to me by my fabulous parents last Christmas- they fully understand my magpie tendencies!


Remember guys, I’m all for embracing a trend, but the key is to maintain an originality behind your intentions- a quirky lapel pin or some fabulous shoes are just two of many ways you can go against the fashion grain, all the while commanding individuality and fashion flair.

This particular look earned its fair share of stares from passers by, and a statement pant may not be for the faint hearted, but as I always say- fashion is fun, and feck the begeudgers! (Very Irish of me, I know…!)



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