Lavender Lift

With winter looming, most men immediately seek refuge in their nearest charcoal pea coat or practical parka, the majority of which are usually in a barrage of blacks, greys and navys. While I never underestimate the power of a classic piece in an unimposing hue, I can’t help but find the Irish inclination towards darker shades to be rather tiresome. After all, colour doesn’t have to be reserved primarily for spring/summer!

Given the overwhelmingly dreary tendencies of some Irish men to dress as though they’re professional mourners, I for one take great pleasure in my blatant rejection of the classic colour palette of the Irish winter. I of course appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a fail safe black coat, however, I usually try to sass things up with some seasonally appropriate colour. Take today’s look, for example. I’ve always been a fan of pinks and plums paired with grey, and decided to test this sartorial scheme for this week’s taping of ‘Style Trial’.



This grey paisley print wool blazer was a sale steal from River Island 2 years ago, and has seen me through many a season. It looks fabulous with rich burgundy jeans and a bottle green printed shirt, but today I injected some winter wonder with the addition of this blush pink Benetton sweater and purple slim fit curduroy pants (also from Benetton) for the wallet pleasing price of €55,95.



The most exciting aspect of this look was of course the fabulous accessories. When the basis of an ensemble consists of such striking colours, I take immense pleasure in adding dapper details to make the entire look pop! This bow tie from H&M compliments the plum pants perfectly, while the purple trim of my pocket square lifted the dandy paisley print in my blazer.

The pièce de résistance comes in the form of this sublime lapel pin from Their handcrafted men’s accessories are the epitome of classic menswear craftsmanship, with each original piece acting as a unique sartorial staple for any look.



Finally, I updated my favourite Summer shoes with the addition of these detachable fringe tips from Carolyn Donnelly’s ‘The Edit’ range for Irish retailer Dunnes Stores. At just €12, these real leather fringes will add luxe to any luscious lace ups, and give a whole new lease of life to your bewildered brogues.


So gentlemen, there we have it. Just because the umbrellas are out, doesn’t mean colour has to be too. With some subtle adjustments you can wipe away those winter woes- colour ain’t going anywhere!


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