As this blog will confirm, I have always been a fan of dapper details. Bow ties, pocket squares, cravats- you name it, I’ve tried it. However, the one accoutrement that has most recently come to prominence on the high street has to be the rather fabulous ‘lapel pin’. Used to dress up any blazer (or biker jacket- see last post!), a lapel pin gives that one extra little fashion flair to any ensemble, prompting its wearer to walk that little bit taller, and feel all the more fabulous for it. Furthermore, it’s the easiest way to dress up any look in a heartbeat!


For this week’s ‘Style Trial’, I opted to jazz up this River Island waistcoat (attained last week for the sale stealing price of €24) with my new favourite lapel pin- this bold blue number from The company was so kind as to send me a selection of their sartorial staples this month, and not a day has gone past that I haven’t worked their dapper ditties into a look! The pins are a total bargain at 3 for $25, with the quality and finish setting their brand a couture cut above the rest.



As usual, I focused on one piece of my ensemble to dictate the colour
palette of my look, and opted for these Topman skinny fit slacks to compliment my floral friend to perfection. I continued my blue hue through to this sassy shoe and sock combo, and added a crisp white H&M shirt to mute the otherwise adventurous aesthetic.


Finally, I chose not to use a pocket square, as the waistcoat is such a fine cotton I feared any more appliqués may bulk up the fabric. Instead, I simply pulled up the existing breast pocket of the waistcoat- cheap and chic!




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