Haute Hallowe’en

As someone who adores the transformative power of fashion, it’s no wonder that I can become just a little bit obsessed with the process of costume creation at Hallowe’en. While some immediately opt for the standard look du jour of all black paired with some ghoulish face paint (and the obligatory gruesome scars), I’ve always been a fan of a slightly more ‘glam’ aesthetic- the magpie in me will always be on the lookout for some sassy sparkle!

For this seasonal blog post, I decided to pick my three favourite costumes from the last few years- The Riddler from Batman, Ken (Barbie’s beau) and Karl Lagerfeld- and give a little breakdown of each look. I’ve never been one to opt for a store-bought costume, so I hope these sassy, DIY looks will inspire some of you guys to get the fabric glue out and go wild!


This ‘Riddler’ costume initially started out as something entirely different. I was inspired by Katy Perry’s ‘Waking up in Vegas’ video this year, so thought why not dress as a casino- yes, an actual casino. Alas, one tub of glitter and some superglued fingers, and I realised that my conceptual costume was rather the tricky one to pull off!

Luckily, I had bought a green plastic tablecloth for €1 from my local discount store, and decided to play around with that. Some scissors and sequins later, and ‘The Riddler’ began to take shape!


When making your own DIY costume, try choose a character that has a very definite, iconic look. With these question marks, stuck onto a charity shop blazer using fabric glue, people immediately knew who I was on the night, and the costume went down a treat. I added some green eye shadow to my hair for a cheeky streak, and dotted some gold gems throughout the jeans and blazer. Hey Presto- a villainous Riddler on a shoestring!


3 years ago, Hallowe’en fell around the same time as my graduation, so I didn’t have as much time to play around with arts and crafts! I’d been toying with the idea of being a Ken doll for a few years (every pun intended), and decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to get my plastic on- I had the dress suit ready to go, after all!

This was by far the easiest costume I’ve ever made. I sourced this ‘Pop’ brand vintage ruffle shirt in candy pink from a charity shop for €12, and paired it with my trusty tuxedo for a classic ‘Prom Night’ Ken look. I added an oversized bow tie for full costume effect, and then lashed on the fake tan- no sunbeds for me! With my hair slicked down and eyebrows pencilled in, I got a large black skinny elastic hairband and wore it around my neck, to give the impression that my head was ‘stuck on’, and used the same trick on my wrists using smaller bobbins. Finally, I added a sequinned ‘Ken’ price tag to my jacket to let people know exactly who’s Prom Date I was!


Last year, I decided to embrace my inner fashionista and use Hallowe’en as my opportunity to venture out as a true icon of design- Mr. Karl Lagerfeld. After all, of all the designers in the world today, who else has such an incomparable sense of personal style? To create ‘Le Karl’, I decided to recreate his iconic look of monochrome with a fabulously fierce edge.

These leather pants from Topman were a must-have, and have actually filtered their way into my wardrobe- why not choose pieces for your costume that you can wear again?! I teamed a white tuxedo shirt from H&M and this cheeky Penneys waistcoat with my trusty Zara black blazer, and finished the look with a DIY cardboard Chanel brooch (how trashion!), black skinny tie and studded Zara gloves. These Topman boots had been gathering dust in my closet for years, and this was the perfect opportunity for them to pound the pavement once again in all their buckled glory!


Finally, I turned my hair winter white with some Snazaroo face paint and a foundation brush, and kept my fashion glare hidden with these classic aviators. Given that most of these pieces were already in my wardrobe, I once again was able to create a classic costume for little more than a cup of coffee- not too shabby, eh?

What will you guys be dressing up as this scary season? Be sure to let me know! I’m very excited to be venturing out this year as a rather fabulous Disney Villain- Cru(F!)ella DeVille! I will of course be keeping you ghoulish guys and gals up to date with the costume progress, and will do a full blog post!

Until then, stay sassy!





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