Aviation Aesthetics

With December fast approaching, and that oh so familiar chill creeping back into the air, its safe to say that winter is well and truly upon us. Of course, while some crank up the central heating and curse the return of icy mornings and visible breath, I for one rejoice the wonder of winter, and eagerly await its arrival each year. Why? Fashion, of course! After all, bare trees mean one thing- that annual purchase of a new coat.

While some may face a dilemma every 12 months as to what style of chic cover up to acquire, I instead like to keep things simple, by choosing updated versions of classic styles. Subsequently, one can only imagine my delight at receiving this fabulous gift last week from the very kind ladies in River Island’s Irish press office. While not necessarily a ‘coat’, this aviator jacket certainly has the same heat and practicality, with its rich tan tones and chic shearling lining acting as the perfect companion for classic brogues and satchels, all with the casual ease and sartorial edge with which River Island has become synonymous.



For its first outing, I decided to choose a cosy crimson knit from Benetton, to compliment the warmth and accessibility of the jacket. This sweater is from last winter, and I couldn’t resist it’s emulation of Sister by Sibling’s statement knits.



I added my favourite floral shirt du jour, also from River Island, to offer a formal edge to my ensemble.


These Benetton jeans are just the right fit for casual and relaxed Sunday vibes, and were the perfect wash to liaise with my River Island brogues and burgundy socks.


So, what do you guys and gals think of this aviation aesthetic? At just €113, it’s the perfect trans seasona piecel – ideal for winter layering, and sublime for soft spring shirts. Will you’s be flying to your nearest store?!

Stay sassy,





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