Texture Time

One of my favourite aspects of winter fashion has got to be the limitless amount of textures available. Of course, while one immediately thinks of tweed coats or cashmere capes, little attention is often paid to the lower half of one’s look. With this in mind, I was thrilled to get my hands on these sassy wool slacks from Benetton. Offering a welcome break from dreary denim, these flecked wool winter warmers are the perfect addition to any wardrobe, and at €69.95, are a relatively reasonable price for a timeless investment for seasons to come.

While these pants would of course look sublime with a classic peacoat or tartan blazer, today I decided to add an edge to my ensemble by draping my trusty biker over my shoulders- if it’s good enough for Madame Beckham, then why not Monsieur Butler?!



A simple black turtleneck and brogues completed my composition, leaving me with a fuss free aesthetic that was a dream to accessorise. These studded Zara gloves scream winter luxe, while this faux croc skin clutch offers an air of ironically intentional nonchalance. Finally, purple socks break my monotonous menswear mould.



So guys and gals, are you a fan of these flecked wool fancies? What are your favourite textures for winter? Be sure to let me know!

Stay sassy,

James x



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