Sassy 70’s

Aaah, the 70’s. That illustrious time in fashion when hemlines were wider, hair bouncier, and turtle necks were as plentiful as Farrah Fawcett’s flicks. Although I wasn’t around for this fabulously fashionable period, I’ve always been enamoured with its colourful and exuberant aesthetic, which is why I chose today’s look to pay a modern homage to the disco diva decade.
My inspiration for this look came from these plaid Benetton pants. Although they’re not traditional 70’s flares, their preppy pattern and muted hues are a definite nod, and give serious leggy librarian chic when paired with these River Island brogues (in store now @ €55).

No 70’s look would be complete, of course, without the classic turtle neck. This burgundy number, also from Benetton, offers a warm winter palette when paired with the pretty pink hues of my pants, and looks fabulously funky under the vintage vibes of my favourite jacket du jour from River Island (€113 from their current winter collection).

Mustard sunnies brought my look full circle, while my usual big hair used up about as much hairspray as a Charlie’s Angels dressing room- Groovy Man!

So guys and gals, what’s your favourite fashion decade?

Stay sassy,

James x



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