Festive Style Diary

Hey there guys and gals, I do hope everyone is having a fabulously festive time! It’s all go with myself at the moment, with the usual hustle and bustle of catching up with friends, shopping, and indulging in a (bottle of) vino or two- sure t’is the season after all!

Of course, these varied social occasions call for a rather complex winter wardrobe, and many’s a lustrous look has to be planned for seasonal soirées, family gatherings et al. With this in mind, I decided to share some looks that I recently compiled for a festive ‘Style Diary’ for Beyond Man Magazine.

Beyond Man is a Northen Irish online publication and website, that has really taken off in the past year since it’s inception. The editor, Lewis Robert Cameron has done a fabulous job with the magazine, and I was only delighted to share my festive tips and tricks!











As you can see, quite a mixed bag of menswear, with a blend of ornate ensembles and classic Christmas knits, all of which are probably lurking around your house without you even knowing it! I wanted to show that Christmas needn’t be an expensive time for fashion lovers- the fur collar belongs to my mother, while many of the festive knits are years old and were simply updated with a cheap and chic shirt or a cheeky €3 bow tie- you needn’t break the bank!

You can check out the Style Diary in full festive form here:


What are you guys planning on wearing for the rest of the festive season? Be sure to let me know!

Stay sassy,




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