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Hey guys and gals, I hope you’re all well and had a fabulous weekend! Today, I decided to share some more images from my recent shoot with Niamh from , this time focusing on the wondrous wardrobe powers of up-styling your favourite winter coat with the addition of some chicy accessories. After all, we don’t all have the cash to splash on outerwear at the drop of a fedora hat now, do we?


The coat in question for this piece is this classic Crombie style coat from Benetton. Its works fabulously with a whole host of looks, and I’ve certainly gotten the wear out of it in these winter months. Given its classic lapel and muted hue, it’s the perfect piece to jazz up with a jaunty accoutrement or two.

First up is this rather fetching fur collar that I bought a few years ago in my local Oxfam store. It may be a little Cruella for some (I did rock it for my Hallowe’en costume last year as said Disney villian!), but if styled in a subdued way, can offer an elegant, ornate finish to your ensemble.


A fur collar such as this is an essential wardrobe staple, given its accessibility and ease when working it into any look. I simply pinned the collar at the front and popped it on over my head- no need for the sewing box! This particular piece is vintage, but head into your nearest high street store and you’re bound to pick up a similar style (more than likely for a bargain price given the end of season sales!).


Of course, if channeling your inner resting-bitch-face-Alexis is a little too daunting for your day to day look, why not consider the transformative prowess of a hat? I for one steered clear of head pieces for the majority of my life thus far (big hair and an even bigger head don’t bode well with hats), but I recently bit the bullet and picked up this grey number from River Island.


At just €26, it’s the ideal way to foray into fedora filled territory without making a financial commitment, and its ‘one size’ marking means its adaptable to even the biggest of heads (yours truly included). I attached this feathered lapel pin to the side of the hat for the look, just to add some JusdeJames sass.


So guys and gals, what do you think? What are your top tips for accessory amplification? Let me know!

Stay sassy,




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