Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, I’ve compiled a chicy list of tips and tricks here at JusdeJames that will leave you as the apple of your loved one’s eye (and won’t break the bank while doing so!).

Heavenly Hands

Alex and Ani may be the go to brand for twenty-something gals the country over, but rather than scald at how certain brands can become so inherently mainstream once the masses catch on, why not pare it back and remember the original intention behind these unique pieces- beautiful, personal creations that are the perfect (and fashionable) way to let your loved one know just how much she means. This divine bangle is a steal at just €30.


Flawless Fragrance

Fragrance is always going to be a winner for Mother’s Day, so why not spend those extra few pennies on a classic scent that is sure to please all aromatic accents? Chanel has of course always been the go to brand for that special occasion, and with an extensive sensory selection on offer, you can’t go wrong with a gift from Coco & co! For a more adventurous mummy, why not hit up one of Marc Jacobs’ floral favourites? With fresh fragrances and beautiful bottles to boot, these are just as appealing to the eye as they are to their originally intended sense (and are simply rather fabulous, let’s be honest!).


Or, for a more budget friendly buy, look no further than Queen B herself. Beyoncé’s extensive fragrance range is the perfect present for any fierce mums out there (I had to use fierce, apologies), and with prices starting at €20, you can afford to go a little extra on lunch.


Floral Fancies

Of course, then we have the old reliables- some fabulous flowers. Florists will have a plethora of bountiful bunches on offer this weekend, but rather than spend the guts of €60 on an extravagantly wrapped bouquet, why not opt for a more demure arrangement, and head to your nearest street seller? The likes of these pretty tulips will cost no more than €10 from those fabulous gals on Grafton St and other locations, and offer a far more authentic alternative to the classic flowers and chocolates combo. After all, frills and ribbons and tulle aside, they’re going to end up pride of place in your mother’s favourite vase anyway, so why not keep some euro for another heartfelt gift to accompany your pretty posie?


Budget Bling

For a quick, budget friendly fix, head on over to Parfois for a feast of perfectly pleasing price points that will leave mummy dearest decked out in some fabulous budget bling. These earrings are perfect for spring, with their pretty pastel hues offering a subtle statement that gals of any age will appreciate. And at €3.95, you’ll still have money left over for some chicy little extras.


High Tea Heaven

Finally, for that little something different, why not get a sassy voucher for afternoon tea at the Westin Hotel in Dublin? With prices starting at under €30 pp, this is a truly unique gift that will linger on in the memory long after that last indulgent French fancy has been delicately wolfed down. The menu, surroundings and service are all exceptional, and offer one of the best value deals around. Furthermore, afternoon tea sounds OH so chic, does it not?


So folks, there we have it. Your Jus-y guide to Mother’s Day. Get shopping!

Stay sassy,




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