In The Navy!

Hey guys and gals! So sorry about my prolonged absence this past fortnight- I’ve been up to my eyes with shoots and deadlines and haven’t been able to take as many outfit pics as I would like. But I’m back into the swing of things now!

As you know, I’m quite the fan of colour, and have never been one to embrace the “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour” mantra. However, I’m also aware that not every man wishes to permanently look like a well groomed rainbow. Thus, for this post, I’ve decided to celebrate the rather chicy muted medium of navy. Not quite as dark as black, but still resigned enough in the broad spectrum of colour palettes, navy has long been a steadfast staple of style savvy men everywhere. Be it in a well cut suit or an ankle grazing chino, its variety of hues easily lend themselves to a multitude of dapper (and sublimely slimming!) looks.


This navy cotton sweater from Benetton (€35.95) is the perfect transitional piece for Spring, working as a classic cover up on chillier days, or as a jaunty over-the-shoulder companion to any preppy summer look. A classic pinstripe shirt and a H&M navy woven tie (€9.95) completes the top half of my look.


Of course, to avoid looking like a fashion following Garda, it’s important to break up the navy with some lighter hues. These chinos from Benetton (€39.95) have a subtle navy and blue houndstooth print, and are the perfect way to add a dose of Spring to my ensemble.


These statement blue socks from COS are almost a year old now, but their quality still reigns supreme, and offer a nice through-line between my pants and golfer-chic Zara brogues (I added these fun fringe tips a while ago to sass things up!)


So my fashion friends, what do you make of my navy nuances? Be sure to let me know! Oh, and by the way, I’m heading off to Copenhagen tomorrow for a few days, so you can expect some fun blog posts about my travels (and looks) while I’m there!

Stay sassy,





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