Substitute Stripes

Aaaah, stripes- that age old aesthetic that, season after season, reiterates itself as a firm fashion fixture for almost every individual worth their sartorial stripes (pun very willfully intended). Of course, while one immediately reaches for their nearest nautical number (yours truly included), I’ve decided to apply a different style to this latest look on the blog, and have derived some Jailhouse Rock style inspiration to create an homage to some classic 60’s stripes- with some sassy twists, naturally!


Stripes don’t always have to be of the Breton variety- this simple H&M tee has broader lines, lending themselves handsomely to the throwback vibes of my look. Unfortunately, the tee is actually last year, but the likes of New Look and Forever 21 always have a whole host of similar styles available at very pleasing price points!


My trusty Topman leather pants offer a welcome edge to my monotone look, while clunky black brogues offer a variation on volume. Of course, a pop orange sock always stands out against checkerboard chic.


Finally, I tied my look together with some classic black shades and one of my favourite charity shop buys- this oversized Primark denim jacket. I picked up this piece when I was working in my local Oxfam years ago, and after some quirky customising with a fabric scissors and studs, I created my very own gilet that even Debbie Harry herself wouldn’t turn her nose up to- not so shabby, eh?!


So guys and gals, how have you been earning your sartorial stripes? Do tell!

Stay sassy,




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