Chelsea Chic

I know, I know- a style diary in the month of May is hardly the most relevant occasion to debut a chicy new acquisition of Chelsea boots. But, fashion folks, I live in Ireland- umbrellas and sunglasses are the ultimate accessories, and one must always be prepared to have their hair/outfit/general disposition eternally saturated by a frivolous onslaught of rain.

With this in mind, I was only too delighted when my magpie mother picked me up some classic brown leather Chelsea boots in our local Oxfam store for the rather exceptional price of just €8. Originally from Marks and Spencer, these boots would easily fetch in the region of €120 at original RRP, and their excellent quality and condition make for an even more pleasing addition to my wardrobe!


For my first outing of my latest charity shop hit, I decided to play up to the muted, rustic tones of the boots with a slightly distressed (but still meticulously planned, obvs) look. I’m always sporting a tie or lapel pin or statement sock of some sorts, so it was refreshing to go for a laid back ensemble to mirror the fuss-free nature of my boots! These classic black stretch skinnies (€35, River Island) perfectly cinch in at the ankle, and were the ideal choice to show off my fabulous new footwear.



The rich burgundy hues of my Benetton tee (€19.95) were deliciously played down by the well-worn look of this shearling denim jacket, and the pair make a rather sassy combo of light layering for this changeable weather. I picked up my jacket a few years ago in New Look, but the high street is eternally awash with similar styles to peruse!


Finally, these mustard frame H&M sunnies (€9.95) are a subtle nod to any rays of sun that may wish to grace us with our pleasure! (I’m not bitter about the weather, I swear…)


So guys and gals, what do you think of my chicy Chelsea boots’ first outing? Would you rock a similar style? Let me know in the comments!

Stay sassy,




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