Cannes Do

Hey guys and gals, I hope you’re all keeping well and had a fabulous weekend! As I’m sure you all know, our little old Ireland had quite the weekend, becoming the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage! I can’t even begin to describe the atmosphere that flooded the streets of Dublin when the results of the vote were officially announced- electric doesn’t come close. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say thank you Ireland- thank you for allowing me and my LGBT brothers and sisters to be our full, fearless selves!

Now, back to business. With summer fast approaching, there comes with it that sometimes dreaded onslaught of seasonal nuptials- it seems that everyone and their mother chooses these (occasionally) sunny months to tie the knot! Of course, balmy summer days are hardly an ideal time to sweat in your most expensive suit, so I’ve taken a little trip to high street dark horse Benetton to check out
their latest seasonal offerings, and compile an engaging ensemble (apologies, I couldn’t resist) of savvy staples that will work just as well on their own as they will in this luxe look!


Some men immediately run at the very idea of linen, and refuse to even consider including it in their capsule summer closet. But, this chicy houndstooth print blazer is a far cry from loose fitting linen shirts coupled with medallion-emblazoned hairy chests- it’s simple, classic, and surprisingly, not that crease worthy. Coupled with a blue linen button-down collar shirt and this fine knit pale blue cardigan, it offers the perfect lesson in laid back layering.


To take this look from casual to nuptial, a few natty nuances is all any wedding guest will need. A plain white pocket square (or in this case, simply pulling up the lining of the breast pocket) and a dainty lapel pin in brûlée beige offer a fresh, breezy vibe to the ensemble, while this classic crisp white panama-style hat with navy band add an air of Riviera cool. Finally, a Primark tie in contrasting blue completes the top half of my look.


Brown lace-ups break the skyline hue of the ensemble, while crisp white jeanos (that’s jeans and chinos, don’cha know) give the illusion of a yuppie yacht party in Cannes. Even though it’ll more likely be a hotel in Co. Meath- sure look, say nothin’…


So folks, what do you make of my relaxed Riviera look? Do let me know! Oh, and while you’re at it, why not take a gander at my new Facebook page? It’s filled with lots of Jus-y updates and fash-fabulous fun. Click like while you’re there!

Stay sassy,

James X


Blazer €105
Cardigan €65.96
Trousers €39.95
Shirt €55.96
Hat €19.95
Shoes €85.95

Photography by the fabulous Karl O’Reilly


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