Fashion Fusion

While the majority of my looks here on Jus de James almost always feature some semblance of a bow tie or pocket square, I have been known to opt for a more casual look from time to time (hey – don’t laugh, it’s true). When such a miraculous instance occurs, I usually go for something bright, printed, and aesthetically ostentatious – after all, casual doesn’t have to mean boring, right?!

A while back, my very lovely editor at MFI gifted me with a sample from the James Long X River Island collection, and with the high street haven recently announcing its next collaboration to be with fashion force Christopher Shannon, I thought this would be the perfect time to showcase their most recent catwalk crossover.

This sweater is as appealing to the eye as it is to wear – it’s various elements of neoprene and other manipulated textures in metallic and matte finishes make the garment a real head-turner, while it’s slightly oversized fit offers just the right amount of comfort that a casual/I-spent-hours-planning-this ensemble should require.

I decided to offset the fabulosity of the top half of my look with these ripped River Island stretch skinny denims (€45). They’re a perfect fit for those looking for something just shy of that spray-on aesthetic, and will be just as fresh with tan suede loafers and a buttoned down denim shirt for a casual city jaunt.

For more info on the Christopher Shannon X River Island collaboration, check this out! And, while we’re here, why not have a gander at my top 3 favourites so far ~



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So guys and gals, what do you make of JusdeJames taking on another James? Let me know what you think!

Stay sassy,





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