Orange Is The New Black

Hey guys and gals, I hope you’re all keeping well! Apologies for the absence this past week – I’ve been rather busy with MFI (you can check out our fabulous new website here!) and have had some rather unfortunate luck with the ol’ health; but all is ok! For today’s post, I’m focusing on a smart casual look that is perfect for the current weather (our summer appears to be taking its sweet time, am I right?).


I was inspired by the feint orange stripe in these Benetton printed pants to create a zesty ensemble using hues of said colour throughout. These chinos are actually past season, but you can achieve an equally quirky style here! I’ve always been a fan of the transformative prowess of a printed pant- when paired with otherwise neutral (in print anyway!) pieces, it can add a sense of fun to any look, and they certainly lifted my spirits on this particular occasion!

Given the volume of print on my lower half, I avoided any ties or other neck pieces up top, instead opting to layer a classic button down with this orange v-neck cotton sweater (both Benetton) and a complimentary grey/mint hued River Island blazer. Accessories were corresponding in colour, with particular emphasis being placed on this fabulous pin which I picked up in Tiger last year- that store can be quite the treasure trove!


Finally, my trusty H&M sunnies (€9.99) and TK Maxx contrast sole brogues (€47.95) tied my casual look together perfectly, and teamed with some particularly voluminous hair (Dolly Parton is my spirit animal), I was good to go!



So folks, is orange the new black?!

Stay sassy,




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