Penneys Power

When it comes to Summer fashion, Ireland isn’t always the most accommodating. It’s because of this, shall we say, unpredictable nature, that we guys and gals of this Emerald Isle are often reluctant to spend our hard-earned cash on sun-ready staples- half the time they end up gathering dust and looking at us bleakly from the bottom of our wardrobes while we reach for the nearest knit.

However, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a spray-tanned leg to garner a capsule Summer closet, as I recently learned on a trip to my local Penneys. As I’ve said before, their men’s section continues to flourish as each season progresses, and this high-street haven has built quite the reputation for knocking out a series of menswear staples at wallet-pleasing price points. For today’s look, I’ve chose this classic nautical ensemble that cost a measly €15 (yes, €15!). Perfect for a day at the beach or some sassy cocktails, these three items will be some of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe, with the quality and comfort of each meaning you can enjoy them for seasons to come (weather permitting, of course).



I decided to team my latest purchases with some existing items from my wardrobe to create a perfectly preppy aesthetic. These Benetton brogues (€85.95 @ full price) are currently on sale, and are well worth checking out! A classic blue satchel from River Island and these statement striped sunglasses from Parfois completed my look. Although the latter is a ladies brand, their sunglasses are actually big enough to fit even the widest of heads (mine included!), and usually never exceed the €20 mark!


Incase you’re wondering where my sudden summer glow is from, it’s actually come courtesy of a rather fabulous spray-tan from the Vanity Rooms, where two lovely ladies by the name of Jen have created their own bespoke tan- and it’s absolutely flawless! I wouldn’t usually be one to go for fake tan (the stress of streaks, jaysus), but this product is just amazing. Keep an eye out on MFI where I’ll be posting a full review soon!



So guys and gals, that’s it for now. I hope you’ve gotten some ensemble inspiration from my latest bargain buys!

Stay sassy,



Shirt, €7; Top, €5; Shorts, reduced to €3 ~ all @ Penneys


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