Chicy Catch Up!

Hey guys and gals, I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying this fabulous weather! Just wanted to give you’s a chicy little update on what I’ve been up to lately. Things have been pretty busy with MFI these past few weeks since the website launch, but I’m delighted to say it’s all going fabulously! It’s such a privilege to be working with such a talented group of creatives who all strive to attain the same goal ~ bringing menswear to the fore in our fair isle of Ireland – and beyond! I’d love for you’s all to take a look at our latest venture – a digital special covering MFI’s recent trip to LC:M SS16 – featuring some articles from yours truly! You can read the issue (for free!) here Nonetheless, between all the articles and deadlines I of course found some time to celebrate Pride! First the Marriage Referendum passed in Ireland and then that amazing news came from the US- this year was quite the year to be proud! I had a fabulous day with my closest friends and family, and obviously had some fun with my look- tropical print and diamantĂ©, anyone?!



IMG_2065.JPG I do apologise for my sporadic posts of late- I’ve had some rather unfortunate luck with my health in the past few weeks, and that coupled with deadlines, work and life as a whole has meant I’ve been confined to updating my looks and various goings on through Instagram and Facebook! Thankfully, my health is slowly on the way back up, and I won’t be letting my recent setback deter me from matching my pocket square to my socks anytime soon- heaven forbid! I vow that this week I’ll be getting back into the swing of things rather swiftly. Stay sassy guys and gals, James X


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