September Saviour

Hey guys and gals, I hope you’s are all keeping well. Apologies for the lack of posts this week- I recently underwent an operation and have been less than mobile as of late, but thankfully I’m slowly getting back into my stride so will be back in full fashion force this week! (If you’d like to catch up in the meantime though, be sure to add me at ‘jamespatrice’ on Snapchat!)

So, we’ve finally hit September, and, subsequently, that deliciously awkward stage of not having a notion as to what to wear- one minute there’s a heat wave, the next minute it’s winter, and the rest of the time it’s just lashing rain. With this rather unsavoury seasonal behaviour being a permanent fixture in out fair isle, I’ve learned to always have my trusty mac ready and waiting.


The humble mac is something I’ve long been a fab of- it’s lightweight and breathable (not to mention eternally chic), yet still offers fashionable functionality should that inevitable downpour rear it’s ugly head. For today’s blog post, however, I’ve decided to utilise the mac for its style as opposed to its purpose, and have used it to replace a traditional blazer for a dapper daytime look.


While a mac is normally worn left casually open, it can immediately be transformed with a swift button n’ belt, as today’s look chicily shows. A lapel pin and skinny tie are fun additions to my outerwear, and are complimented quite handsomely by the subtle stripes of my old-season Primark shirt.


Finally, some classic navy chinos and a contrast sole brogue and a fuss-free finish to my ensemble.


This Mac is unfortunately not in season anymore, but you can find similar styles here and here.


So folks, what do you think of my September saviour? Do let me know!

Stay sassy,




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