Bee for Tea!

What does one wear for an informally formal occasion? That isn’t a trick question, merely an acknowledgement that sometimes the term ‘smart casual’ simply doesn’t cut it. This was most certainly the case last weekend when I attended a rather fabulous afternoon of ‘Gin Tea’ in The Westin Hotel in Dublin. Of course, while some may not fret over such a ‘triviality’ as to what to wear to afternoon tea, I am, after all, the man who now uses a former bookcase for shoe storage. Suffice to say- EVERY event calls for careful ensemble preparation!


When confronted with the task of choosing a smart silhouette that doesn’t borderline into a ball gown, there really is just one simple rule- juxtaposition. For this look, I chose the dapper aesthetic of a bow tie/blazer/brogue combo, but with more casual fabrics thrown into the mix, thus toning down any ‘try-hard’ tendencies. This tweed Ted Baker blazer is my go-to piece for a dapperly dressed down demeanour, and looked fabulous contrasted with this floral River Island shirt.



These Benetton slim fit corduroys offered a rather rustic alternative to a sleek slack, and picked up the colours in the top half of the look perfectly. My River Island brogues added a sassy finish to the ensemble, and were lifted with these pop pink socks.


Finally, this woven bow tie was a simple addition when paired with my rather fabulous accoutrements from I’m in love with their bijoux bee lapel pin and floral pocket square, and urge everyone to check out their website immediately!


The tea was sublime, and was a fabulous way to celebrate my good friend Cormac’s birthday- the gin added a cheeky twist, too!





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