Grey Day

When considering ‘colour blocking’, images of life sized Lego figures can often spring to mind. However, the accessibility of this classic fashion feature is actually more attainable than one may think. Colour blocking can come in a vast variety of forms- be it a crimson coloured overcoat with berry chinos, or a burgundy sweater contrasting with burnt orange corduroys. However, the term ‘colour’ needn’t be so, well, colourful.

Often, similar hues of a dark shade can provide a striking aesthetic, and prove far more appealing to those who may be rather dubious about dabbling in the bright side. Take, for example, this statement panel sweater from Benetton (€53.95). Its principal palette of grey and black is a subtle solution to the colour blocking trend, with its red cuffs adding an unexpected but welcome twist to proceedings.


I decided to maintain the grey haze of my cashmere blend knit throughout the rest of today’s look, and chose these grey slim fit jeans, also from Benetton. Of course, the sweater would look fabulous with a multitude of pant options, and I look forward to pairing it with some nice wool flecked or tartan print slacks as winter draws in.



Teaming my pants with these black classic brogues mirrored the top half of my look perfectly, and are the perfect go-to shoe for dark denims during the colder months.


Finally, I added a dapper flair with the addition of a cheeky black skinny tie. Just the slightest peep of it between the tips of this classic white button down shirt was enough to add a fun flair to the look, without veering too far away from the monochrome mark.


So guys and gals, are you’s a fan of the colour block? Do you favour bold brights or muted hues, like this look du jour? Be sure to let me know!

Stay sassy,




4 thoughts on “Grey Day

  1. beautiful look! (not lego like at all) i’m the typical new yorker who lives in shades of grey and black with the occasional pop of color. great post! ❤

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